Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Marilyn Update

Marilyn Update
Marilyn is doing well. The surgery went well yesterday and today she will be moved out of ICU and into a room. Larry says she is doing as well as expected at this time.
If you knitters want something to do Marilyn could use some soft cotton hats to keep her head covered.
She is at Sacred Heart River Bend hospital. If you want to send a card her address is
1915 Fairmont ,Eugene Oregon 97403

Friday, April 23, 2010

Kudos to Eugene Textile Center

Customers sent these to us .

: I rented the Ashford Joy from you yesterday- Thank you SOOO much. I had so much fun yesterday getting to know the wheel and spinning some fun, chunky yarn (I am still new at spinning). I already want to go buy a bulky flyer. :) Thanks again for offering this renting option so I could afford to spin now and not wait months. You have no idea how much that means. (My husband is away for a few months and this will help distract me). I look forward to continuing my business with you and sharing your company with anyone I meet. (I'm already getting a friend of mine into drop spinning) I really love your staff and your supplies, you guys are great. Thanks again!!

Source: Handwoven Magazine

Comments: No reply necessary. I just want to thank you for the generous sample of mercerized cotton, (natural) that you sent. I just got it. When I finish this note I'll be placing an order. Incidetally, I'm going to use it to weave the placemats that were featured in last Nov./Dec. issue of Handwoven. They're perfect for the handwoven gifts my family hinted about. If you're the Suzie who designed them, many thanks for sharing these beautiful patterns!! Mary Lou

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Working Hard

Today was a good day Marilyn finished up her work for her show at the Jacobs Gallery. Leslie and I taught some great kids today. We have 5 young girls threading looms to weave thier project, it is very cool.
Marilyn will be going in for surgery on Tuesday, I am going to Whidbey Island to assist at the Weavers' School and Leslie and Joan will be holding the fort down.
I will be getting better and better at this blogging stuff.
Oh yeah we got the Kromski Fantasia Spinning Wheels in today oh my gosh I am in love. They are so beautiful and spin nice too. Come in a try one out.
All for now

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Hello out there

Hello this is our first post we will add to this as time allows.
We will keep you posted as time goes on at ETC.