Friday, March 9, 2012

Spinning Group

As you may or may not know, we have a wonderful spinning group that meets here every Thursdays between 2 and 4. Yesterday as we were are making our fantastic yarns we decided we needed a name. After a short brainstorming session we came up with Etcetera's, or ETC'S. It is an acronym for Eugene Talented and Creative Spinners. Our motto is Where anarchy rains. Yes that is rains not reign, because we get alot of it here. We have no president, dues or rules. Just come and spin and have some fun. Also to let you know that the Spring Tea is in the planning stages. Keep an eye out for details soon.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Buy one, Buy all!

All is calmer now that Jason Collingwood has finished his three day rug weaving workshop here. The classroom/gallery was full of looms. The students claimed they learned a lot and their work on the looms showed it too. I came by one sunday to peek at the progress and all you could hear was the sound of beaters. Everyone was deep into concentration and the zen of the weaving.
Along with the Collingwood class, on Saturday Marilyn Robert taught a splendid NUNO felting class. And to top it all off we have this fantastic fiber sale going on. Many people have found wonderful deals and leave the store with inspiration from the texture and colors. But we still have a lot of fiber left if you are feeling the need to get something new to create with.
Don't forget this weekend is the Antique Spinning Wheel Show in Aurora.