Monday, October 24, 2011

Spinner's Spooktacular Tea Fotos

Our second Spinner's Tea was a nice success. We had a room full of wonderful spinners and lots of good food. We had deviled eggs and mud pie, pumpkin cheesecase, chocoale mice and cheese fingers to name only a few of the delicious items. The gallery show added a lot of color, but the Halloween theme came through with the tablecloths and decorations all around the room. A few people wore costumes, but most wore a mask. The masks came off as the spinning began as it hampered the spinners vision. Our next tea will be in the spring. I am planning some new events and bigger and better raffle prizes.

Janice chose to bring her beautiful Navaho Spindle.

Rachael came all the way from Grants Pass to participate in this fun event. Her spindle of myrtlewood was hand made by her grandfather.

Guests lining up to get some of the

tasty treats.

Maggie in her beautiful costume. She found her dress at a thrift store and made the mask herself. We thought she was a flapper girl, but she said she was a black cat. She did purr all day.

Someone looks happy with her plate of goodies.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Moving Along

There is a lot of moving going on here at ETC. After over three and a half years we have moved ours shelves around and made the store more user friendly. When you walk in the door you will notice the nice open space and a plethera of color that will stimulate your senses. We have expanded the spinning corner and put down a nice carpet. All of our books are once again in one area so you don't need to go from one area to the next to pick up books on different subjects. Our wonderful resource library has been moved back to a quieter area so you can read undisturbed. Alas the resource library is near the sale corner so there is that distraction of low prices on needed or wanted tools and yarn. BEST of all we are now carrying all of DYELOTS products here.
To add to all of this excitement, we also have the most wonderful felt show by Tylar Merrill. I personally have never seen any felt so artistically done. She has wall hangings as well as clothing on display. Above is a tiny portion from a larger piece. I hope you come and see it.
Our Spinning Spectacular Tea is this Saturday. I have planned some great food and fun surprises for the attendees. It should be another fun affair.
Hopefully one of these three changes will bring you in to see us soon.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Weaver's Spirit Power

Last night I had the wonderful opportunity to attend the Opening Reception for a weaving exhibit at the Museum of Natural and Cultural History here in Eugene. The weaver Susan Pavel had an exhibit of woven blankets and clothing that she has done, all of which will be gifted to people in her life next February. Susan learned to weave 15 years ago from "Uncle". She spent three months of her summer preparing the fiber from the sheep to the finishing of a blanket. That first blanket was gifted to"Uncle". The following year she spent the next summer doing the same task and gifting that blanket. The third summer of her apprenticeship she actually finished two blankets. Each piece that Susan works on is inspired by the Spirit talking to her and instructing her in her work.
One thing that is different in her work is that the weaving is either twined of done in twill. The yarn used is quite thick as is traditional in Salish weavings, since they area a tribe that lives in the cooler Pacific Northwest.
One of the fibers that she uses is Mountain Goat Wool. This wool must be collected from bushes that have bits of fiber on them from the wild goats brushing against them. This goat wool is extremely soft, quite like quiviet fiber. There is a part of the exhibit that you can actually touch a sample of this lucious fiber. Along with this you can try your hand at twining and a bit of twill weaving. She also dyes her fibers and uses natural dyes that have been used traditionally by the Salish people.
The exhibit will be on display until January29th 2012. I do encourage you to go see it. If you are able to go on a Monday, at certain times, you can actually weave a bit of fiber into a blanket in the Longhouse on the museum grounds.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Weaving & Spinning Week

Here we are in the middle of Weaving and Spinning Week and I have not had a moment to let you in on all the fun around here. We are rearranging the layout of the store to make it more user friendly. All of our books are arranged in one lilbrary area. The resource library is still separate from the sale books. Our spinning corner is larger, getting cozier with a new rug and is a work in progress. I think you will like the finished look. We have also put out our new schedule of classes. We have printed copies here at the store or you may check them out online.
Meanwhile, Suzie is once again up at Whidbey teaching. She will return on October 17th. Vicki is going up to join her next week, and Marilyn is away in Vancouver B.C, so Leslie will be here minding the store.
In the weaving studio here, Joanne is putting on a warp for a Rep Weave rug. Our friend Tom, who is also in the spinning group here is learning and helping her. Last week Tom fixed our Serger sewing machines for us. He is a "jack of all trades".
Our spinning group is still meeting here from 2-4pm on Thursdays. Please come on by and join us. Last week we were treated to fresh baked zucchinni bread.
Have a wonderful week of weaving and spinning. Let us know how you celebrated this fun time.