Monday, August 29, 2011

Jennifer Moore and her stunning class.

Well I must say it was quite a workshop with Jennifer Moore. Everyone agreed that she is such a wonderful teacher. Her instructions are clear and precise. He calm sweet voice just lulls you into the doubleweave zone. Everyone caught on to the different structures and got a chance to sample on all the looms. Some of the students opted to leave their looms here so that those that live close by could come by during the week and practice more. So if you would like to see them in action, call and ask if anyone is weaving on their loom. Or you can just pop on in and see the work in progress.

Our next big workshop will be with Mary Hettmansperger. The focus of the class will be to introduce and incorporate weaving and metal smith techniques that can cross over to be used in many disciplines of artwork. You will use wire, linens, fiber, copper sheeting, wire, mesh, screen, found recycled and natural items will be used. Along with all of this will be added nuts and bolts, beads and electronic salvage. (Have I got your interest yet? Sounds sort of crazy, as in crazy fun!) We have had Mary here before and got quite a bit of wonderful feedback, as well as a request for more from this amazing artist. I think you will find her marvelous to learn from and will come away with a plethera of ideas to use in your own art work for many projects to come. We still have some spaces open in this class, but please call quickly as it is filling up, and you don't want to lose out. The class starts on September 30, 2011

Friday, August 26, 2011

Doubleweave Workshop with Jennifer Moore

It is so exciting. Jennifer Moore is here teaching her Doubleweave: Beyond the Basics Class. It just started this morning and the students are moving right along. I just wanted you to get a taste of beautiful weaving so I posted a few fotos. I will try and get more up and let you ogle at all the hard work. And on Saturday I hope to be able to show you their finished weaving samples.
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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Top Teacher

Have you gotten your September/October issue of Handwoven magazine? If you have yours turn to page 8 and in the upper right hand corner is a list of the top ten teachers of this year, and our own Suzie Liles is in the list. She got a nice certificate that we have put on display her in the gallery along with work of her students. The show is quite an eye stunner. You can easily see how she could make that list. When you come into the store be sure and congratulate her. She is a bit shy about being praised, but I believe like all of us she like it. If you don't have a copy of this Handwoven issue you can pick one up here. And ask Suzie to sign it for you.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Rebirthing the garden

We are so fortunate here to have our families support us in our business. Suzies husband, or as we all call him, Mr. Bob, helps by putting looms togethers and most recently rototilling the side yard of the ETC building. In this photograph Suzies brother is planting flowers to brighten the yard.

Look below to see the finished work. I hope you agree that it is

a nice improvement.

The class is almost filled for Jennifer Moore's doubleweave workshop. The drafts have been sent out to the weavers to get their looms prepared. I am so looking to seeing all their work.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Show It Off

In one of my previous jobs, I worked for a school down in hot and smoggy California. I had a lot of different tasks, but the one I especially enjoyed was diplaying student work on bulletin boards and in the hallways. I always made sure to include all the students in the class, albiet we only had a maximum of 10 students in my special classroom. Yesterday in our gallery here I had the opportunity to hang the show with work done by students of weaving from classes here. All of these classes were taught by Susie. One student is a very beginner, but her work is top notch. They are displaying a lot of different weave structures so it is a great show to see. Just a little reminder that the Movable Feast is still here from LCC students, but I do not know for how much longer it will stay.
Life here at the store is busy. Last weekend was a 2 day natural dye class, and yesterday an idigo pot set up class. Both these classes were taught by Marilyn. Susie is away teaching again and Vicki is on vacation so I am here by myself most days. Tomorrow, Thursday will be a fun day as the spinning group will be here from 2-4pm. One of the spinners has been away for a month on a US cross-country/Canada trip. I am looking forward to hearing of her adventures. Come and join us if you'd like.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Sock Summit

Here is our cute little booth at Sock Summit. We packed the space with as much as possible to bring what the customers wanted. Susie posed for the foto after a long drive and setting the booth up.

Some shoppers checking out out books for sale. They are checking out my favorite book of the weekend to sell, Sock Knitting Master Class by Ann Budd. It even has a DVD in the back, and it only costs $26.95. As my grandmother would say, "Such a Deal!"

Of course we brought rigid heddle looms for all those that love to weave using their own hand spun yarn. Below is a Schacht Wolf Pup that I put a nice little M & W pattern on. It is trompe as writ, so the woven material looks complicated but it really is quite easy to do. It got lots of compliments but scared away the non weavers, who just couldn't believe it was easy breezy. This young lady just bought her first spinning wheel. It is an Ashford Joy. She was so excited because she lives in a tiny place and the wheel will fold up and stash away. Oh I must of forgot to tell her once she starts spinning it will not be put away. Spinning is too much fun for that. Another life lesson, but one with a happy ending.