Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Snow and Hearts

Winter has finally arrived and we are enjoying the brisk cold winds, some rain and this past weekend we enjoyed some light dusting of snow. The snow was only on the ground for a few hours and then melted away. This past weekend knowing of the forcast of snow I decided to put on a nice warp of some Harrisville Highland wool and weave a throw. I used some of my homespun for the weft. I sat at my loom and listened to a book on CD. I could look out my windows and see the snow falling off and on through the day. I felt like I was having a day out of a storybook.
I hope that many of you were able to participate in the Yarn Sale that happened here last week. There were so many great deals going out of the shop. I am looking forward to seeing the projects that arise from those yarns.
Now that it is already the middle of the month I planning what to weave for Valentine's Day. I only have a short amount of time so it will probably be something simple. What are your plans to weave next?