Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A little bit of new info.

Great news for all of you Surface Design artists out there. We just got in 10 copies of an awesome book on Thermofax printing, titled Thermofax Printing: Bringing personal imagery alive. If you are looking for a way to move past just the basics in thermofax printing this is an excellent resource. It goes into layering in color, and values, how to use line in texture and different types of resists. Recipes are given for making dye paints. This book even has a section on using discharge paste.
Please don't be alarmed though if this is an art that you have wanted to explore but not found a clear and thorough resource on the topic. This book can take you from novice to as far as your ideas can go. And for many of you that is pretty far. The photographs are clear and well labeled. I think this will become the "go to book" on thermofax printing.

We also got some beautiful new yarns in from Habu. The choice of colors in stainless steel/Silk has expanded. We also have some astounding Gima Cotton that is a flat yarn. Also not to be forgotten are the newest items of Pineapple Ramie and Kibiso Silk. Kibiso silk still has the seracin attatched and can be used as warp as well as a weft thread.

As a side note I was reading an article in National Geographic magazine at the doctors office last week and saw an interesting statistic. In the country of New Zealand they have a population of 39.9 million sheep. The population of the country's people is only 4.9 million. That is a 9/1 ratio of sheep to people. Thats a lot of wool.

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