Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Arty Yarns and Ways to Use Them

This Past weekend was wild here at ETC.  We had two wonderful 2 day classes going on at the same time.  The first one was Natural Dyeing with Marilyn Robert.  Marilyn has retired from ETC ownership but still continues to teach classes here.  Natural Dyeing is a favorite one for her to teach, as well as highly requested by students.  The other workshop was Camp Pluckystuff with Lexi Boeger.  Lexi is well known for her Art Yarns.  She is quite an innovator in making wild and crazy yarns.  She taught blending on the drum carder with many different kinds of fibers and lots of ways to ply in "fun stuff" 

New in the shop is a book titled Magical Materials To Weave by Lotte Dalgaard.  This book has so many great ideas in collapse weave it just boggles my mind.  The best part of this book for me is the practical uses, like fabric for blouses and other clothing.  Lotte provided a shrinkage chart in her book as well as a list of the suppliers from where she got her fiber for the projects.  I hope you check this book out as it is Superb!

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