Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Rigid Heddle Shawl

This is Laura. She recently, (in the last 6 months) purchased a Schachtt Flip, rigid heddle loom. Since then she has been busy weaving away. This is her latest project that she brought in to share. With beautiful Shetland wool as the warp and Noro Kuryon wool for the weft she wove this beautiful shawl. Notice the subtle color changes in her piece. We also have mochi yarn here that gives the same look. Laura has two young children, one who is learning to weave and wants her own rigid heddle loom. One comment she made was that she can weave and still keep an eye on the kids playing. "It is easy to stop and pick it right back up again. We congratulate her on a splendid shawl, just perfect for those chilly days.

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