Thursday, August 4, 2011

Sock Summit

Here is our cute little booth at Sock Summit. We packed the space with as much as possible to bring what the customers wanted. Susie posed for the foto after a long drive and setting the booth up.

Some shoppers checking out out books for sale. They are checking out my favorite book of the weekend to sell, Sock Knitting Master Class by Ann Budd. It even has a DVD in the back, and it only costs $26.95. As my grandmother would say, "Such a Deal!"

Of course we brought rigid heddle looms for all those that love to weave using their own hand spun yarn. Below is a Schacht Wolf Pup that I put a nice little M & W pattern on. It is trompe as writ, so the woven material looks complicated but it really is quite easy to do. It got lots of compliments but scared away the non weavers, who just couldn't believe it was easy breezy. This young lady just bought her first spinning wheel. It is an Ashford Joy. She was so excited because she lives in a tiny place and the wheel will fold up and stash away. Oh I must of forgot to tell her once she starts spinning it will not be put away. Spinning is too much fun for that. Another life lesson, but one with a happy ending.

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  1. Please let Suzie know that she totally inspired me to start using my cricket loom. I've had it for a few months now, but was too intimidated to warp it. After watching her demo at SS11 I went home that night, warped my loom and started weaving my first scarf project!!! It's all thanks to her!