Wednesday, September 28, 2011

We're Back

I am so happy to tell you that OFFF was a great success. I worked with Sara (Suzies daughter) on Saturday, and we were so busy I only got to take a bathroom break. I know, TMI. We have many happy people who bought their first drumcarder or first spinning wheel. One girl who bought a wheel is coming in for her first spinning lesson next month. A great buy went to Suzy from Idaho who purchased a well loved Norwood loom. She just had to have it to go with her other Norwood. I must admit it was the deal of the entire show. We all work hard to make our booth nice for you. We try to think of all the items that you would want and need. This year the only item I am still kicking myself for forgeting is the Yarn Gauges with the Diz. I don't know where my brain was on that one. As exhausting as all the work is, I must say it is so much fun. Put me in a building full of fiber and fiber people and I think I am in heaven.

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